Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Eve in Boracay

Well, I ventured back to Boracay for 4 days over New Years Eve... I traveled solo with the intent of doing some diving while I was there... Once again I stayed at Hey Jude's and had a room on the top of the building... Unfortunately, these rooms were built on the roof top and in order for the plumbing to work, the bathroom was "up 2 steps" from the main room... This led to a rather interesting first evening for me... It was nitetime and I needed to visit the head... No problem, I got up and took care of business... When I left, I turned out the light and promptly forgot that the bathroom was "up 2 steps"... It was now dark and I couldn't see the steps... So I fell - "hard and mighty"... Not a lot of fun... I bruised myself pretty good but didn't break anything... It sure did kill my plans for diving tho'... It took me almost a week to recover from my injuries... Once again, this only proves - Gettin Old Sucks..!! I also seemed to have lost all my pictures of the trip... The joys of travel...

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