Monday, September 22, 2008

Diving in Anilau Again

But this time I have an underwater camera...!!!
Another great day of diving at Balai
Neil and I headed back to Batangas for some diving... We were fortunate to once again get Edgar as our divemaster.....

The banka that we had all day for diving

So many species of coral

Coral, coral, everywhere...!!

Starfish too..!!

Neil checking in...

A fish ball..


Lots of fish

A sponge home...

Giant clams with beautiful iridescent mantels..

Swimming with the fishies...

A big smile...

See how the reds come out when the flash on the camera works... The first color to drop of the visible spectrum are the reds.....

Home with the anemonaes

More starfish

Looking for Nemo...

Beautiful sea fan...

Large basket sponge

Typical Coral Head

Exploring the keel of a wreck..

Neil and I posing for the camera

Big parrotfish

Another Giant Clam

A very blue fish..???

Lunch between dives

Waiting for the afternoon dive

Doesn't Edgar look happy..??

Beautiful coral


Underwater flora

More flora

Neil and Edgar

A different kind of Starfish

Mr Moray Eel

A huge basket sponge - About 6 feet tall.

A nudibranch

More lionfish....
A great time diving... Looking forward to doing a lot more......
Next adventure.... A visit to the land of OZ.........