Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 26, 2013 Another Diving Weekend

January at Aquaventure with Divenet

The end of January saw Levi and I head once again to Anilao for a great weekend of diving.  We traveled with Tony and his son Tristan and Ron.  Both Tony and Ron work with me at Crystal Steel in Ortigas.

We have three photographers that contributed to this blog:  myself, Levi and Tony...  I cannot take credit for all the pictures....

 The View from Aquaventure
 Tristan, Tony and I waiting for the first dive....
 Levi and I heading out...
 Father and Son...
 Tristan, Me and Ron

The First Dive
 Giant Clam

A pair of Clams
  Fish Feeding
 Ron Playing with the Fishies
 Colorful Parrot Fish

 A couple of shots of a Blue Ribbon Eel
 Nice Puffer Fish
 Ron saying "Hi..!!"
 An Octopuses Garden
 A school of Jacks
 Black Ribbon Eel
 Joy and Hernel (our beloved divemasters & husband and wife)
 I am loving it...
 Levi is loving it...
 Our dive boat (called a banka)
 Shore Interval between Dives
The Second Dive
 Taking pictures of the picture taker...???
Moorish Idol
 Fish Beauty
Another Nudibranch
 Tube Anemone in the process of eating a Starfish
 Brilliant Sea Fans
 Some Hard Coral
 School of Small Fish
 Large Expanse of Hard Coral
 Fish Living in the Coral
 Soft Coral on a Wall

(Levi and Ron went on an additional Afternoon Dive as they rack up their point score on number of dives)

The Third Dive - a Night Dive
 Joy and Levi ready to get wet..!!
 Beautiful Colors at Night
Love the Yellows and Pinks on the Soft Coral

A Close-up..
 Greens as well...
 More Soft Coral at Night
 Staghorn Coral
The Next Day
The Fourth Dive
 Heading out...
 A Porcupine Fish
 Soft Coral
The Clown fish are very abundant...
 ...and protective..!!
 Another happy diver....
 More Clownfish....
 Beautiful Coral Gardens
 Sideway Sponge (how did that happen..??)
 Hernel keeping watch...
 Soft Coral...
 Soft Coral
 Beautiful Piece of Coral
 Basket Sponge
 There is Nemo Again....
 Safety Stop....
The Fourth Dive
 Heading to the Next Destination
 Looking back to the Shore....

Beautiful White Tipped Anemone

 Soft Coral
 Christmas Tree Worm
 Sea Urchin
Unique Coral
Christmas Tree Worm
 6 legged Star Fish
Nemo saying "Good bye...  That is all..!!"

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