Saturday, December 18, 2010

Revelation 2010

Revelation 2010
December 17, 2010
Every year, Crystal Steel celebrates "Revelation" during the holiday season...
It starts by choosing a name of your secret partner. Your Moniro/Monita.
Then you have to give your Monito/Monita a small gift on 5 different days.
These gifts are based on a theme:
•something soft
•something sweet
•something long and hard
•something green or blue
•something round
It can be a lot of fun to see the different ideas people come up with and it get everyone in the holiday spirit.
The identity of the giver is only known at the Revelation Day when the final gift is given to participants' Monito or Monita, usually there is an agreed amount on how much the gift will cost.
In some cases, all the participants have to post their "wish list" about what gift they want to receive so it won't be hard for the giver to decide on what to give their Monito /Monita and you will receive a gift you have been expecting.
The Philippines are known for having the longest Christmas celebration.
It is a BIG deal here...
Ron, Mike and I supervising...
Raymond and Carl
Ferdie and Anna
Albert and Ramil
Boris and Mike
Jesse and Jiehelle
Anna and Larry
Mike and Joseph
Devy and Wendy
Mye and Aileen
Mauit and Fernan
Noel and Sheela
Josie and Tristan
Alex and Ron
Rajed and Rey
Osmund and Erwin
Lester and Joseph
Jun and Me
Mildred and Grace
Rommel and Larry
Roman and Dem
Michelle and Dan
Aldwin and Erwin
Irwin and Aris
Michelle and Bernie
Gener and Norman
Tina and Conci
Annie and Angie
Benjie and Mike

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