Friday, April 18, 2008

An April Visit to California

Well, it has been a long time since I attended to my blog. My daughter has done such a good job keeping me "informed" of all the comings and goings of my family, that I feel guilty for not keeping up..!! Herewith is the latest update for your edification and delight..... Hehehe....

I had spent almost 6 months here in Manila before my first visit back to the States. I was missing my family, a good Cali-burger and a cold draft beer..... So on April 2nd, I headed to Oakland (by way of Taipei).

In Taipei, while waiting for my flight to SFO, I bought some very fresh mackeral sushi.... Now for all you sushi eaters out there, mackeral is definitely an acquired taste, but believe me, this stuff was good.... I was VERY surprised at how good it was....

When I landed in San Francisco, I was promptly directed to "Area C" of customs... This was the complete baggage search area... I guess they though I was due an "extra looksee" because I had been out of the country for 6 months... So after a half hour of having everything searched, I wandered out to the pickup area to be greeted by Liz and 3 smiling grandchildren..... I was in Grandpa heaven....

I spent the next 2 weeks traveling all over California (Monterrey, Los Angeles, etc) with my family. Adam and Lauren came for a week from New Hampshire.

Adam's Birthday

We celebrated Adam's birthday in Monterrey with a Cowboy theme....

A few Cowboys ready to RIP IT UP..!!!

A couple of tuff lookin' Hombres.....

We spent some time in Santa Monica...

Liz and Matchie on the beach in Santa Monica

Liz and Joon

Hanging on the Beach

Ewwwwww Sand on my Hands..!!!

Brother and Sister

Swinging in Santa Monica

Mother and Daughter

Matchie at the Beach

Celebration in Koreatown in LA

The Kim Family at Abigail's First Year Celebration

Mom and her two boys - All dressed up

Liz and 'Cile

Lucile and Abby (the Birthday Girl)

We went to Traintown

Waiting for the Train

Enjoying the Traintown Rides

And we hung around in Oakland

Adam and Lauren Relaxin'

Rubber Duckies

Pool Time

Doesn't everyone play Guitar Hero..??

Who Loves Her Grandpa

It is tough to pull up those pants..!!

Staying in touch with work...

Here I am "Up on the Roof"

Lucile just loves to brush her teeth (or just eat the toothpaste)...

All worn out....

It was grand and then it was over and time to return to Manila.

A nice flight considering that it takes 2 calendar days to get to Manila (the International date line and all that).... And Precy and her son met me at the airport. Back home again...!!!

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the mom said...

what is this??? an update! i LOVE it...keep 'em coming! great job dad! xoxo